Hello, World! Again!

Hello, World! Again! @vinberdon is back with a brand new marketing advice blog. Subscribe now to be the first to read each exciting post!

Hello, World! Again!

Please excuse the extreme lack of content and formatting you see here right now... I am in the midst of recreating my website. I have a lot of really cool content planned for anyone looking to learn more about marketing. This site is not just about my business (VINBERDON Productions, LLC), but rather a place where internet marketing enthusiasts—beginners or pros—can learn some of the tips, tricks, and techniques that I use on a daily basis and for myself and my clients.

What kinds of tips, tricks, and techniques? Well, I'll give you a little sneak peek:

What to expect from VINBERDON:

And I'd like you to hold me to this, too...

  • On-site SEO tips and tricks like how to increase PageSpeed
  • Off-site SEO advice like how to go about getting more backlinks
  • Reviews of marketing tools that I love to use
  • Reviews of marketing tools that I hated and now avoid
  • Constant hammering into your head how important mobile design is
  • Random musings and opinions mostly pertaining to marketing

I'd like to think that I can provide a ton of material on these topics and more. Heck, my brain is overflowing with what to write! Oh, and one more thing.

  • Premium content available only to subscribers!

Yeah, some of the more advanced techniques may be hidden behind a paywall. But come on, $5/month to get premium access to all the crazy marketing information floating around in my brain? That's a bargain! I'll even make it more of a bargain for you: if you pay $50 upfront, you get 12 months of access. Now THAT's a deal!

Don't think you'd subscribe? Well, you can let me know that, too. But wait 'til you see the kind of stuff that appears on this blog. Just wait.

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