VINBERDON Productions provides digital marketing services such at SEO, SEM, crowdfunding consultation, and web hosting.

Kickstarter & Indiegogo Marketing

There are all sorts of companies out there that will “boost your Kickstarter crowd-funding” or “turbocharge your fundraising” on Indiegogo, but these companies have all popped up out of nowhere, and who knows where they are actually located, or who is actually doing the work? I’m a one-man army, a native New Yorker, and I know crowdfunding. You’ll be working with me, one-on-one, throughout your entire campaign, and even afterward!

Web Marketing Management

VINBERDON Productions has been using social media since before it was called social media. You can be sure to trust us with your company image and keep your followers engaged with the most interactive, lead-generating, and sales-driving content. We will analyze your company and target demographic to determine a completely custom social media campaign, and manage it day-to-day.

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

VINBERDON Productions applies over a decade of web development and search engine optimization (SEO) experience combined with cutting-edge marketing tactics to ensure that your company ranks higher in search than your competitors. With more and more people using the Internet to find products and services, you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to be the first company they find.

Location-Based Marketing & Local SEO

Remember the Yellow Pages ads of old? Well, when was the last time YOU looked at the Yellow Pages? Heck, when was the last time you’ve actually SEEN a new Yellow Pages? More and more people are researching products and services online before buying anything, and in many of those cases, it’s a product or service they feel most comfortable buying from a physical location, from a real person, rather than directly through a website. We want YOU to be that business they find first.

Photography Services

VINBERDON Productions provides live music photography, on-site event photography, and product & food photography for small businesses including restaurants, bars, and retail establishments. Whether you’re an artist jamming in a hot spot in the city, a retailer looking to put some product photos online, or a restaurant looking to spice up your menus, VINBERDON Productions will make you shine.

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