What Happened to The SideKick Blog?

You're probably wondering what happened to The SideKick Blog... Or maybe you aren't. What's The SideKick Blog? Well, it's @vinberdon's personal log of Kickstarter project reviews! Real, live, actual reviews of the end result of projects that he has backed and received a reward.

What Happened to The SideKick Blog?

You're probably wondering what happened to The SideKick Blog.

Okay, you probably aren't. But maybe now I've got you curious? If so, read on! If not... I dunno, go check out what's trending on Kickstarter or something...

What was is The SideKick Blog?

The SideKick Blog was my personal log of Kickstarter projects that I backed and reviewed. Sometimes I would review the project itself, other times I would review the end result of said project, the Reward.

I've backed 416 projects and have no plan on stopping. The only project categories I have not backed are Theatre, Dance, and Journalism. No, seriously, check out my wheel:

@vinberdon's Kickstarter backer wheel
See those three white wedges? Those are Theatre, Dance, and Journalism.

I don't want to add up the amount of money I've spend on Kickstarter projects... Why do I do it? Partly because I'm kind of a hoarder and I love having cool, new things. But mostly because I love helping people make their dreams a reality. I've helped dozens of Kickstarter Project Creators with marketing advice, advertising, and spreading the word of their project to peoples all over the world.

Okay, so you really like Kickstarter. We get it.

Yes, yes I do. Kickstarter has been a boon to creators all over the world. I love that I can back a project from a Creator that is either a big company looking to do a big thing or a Regular Joe who is chasing his dream. I don't love that it's become more of  a big "preorder hype" marketplace, but what can you do? Kickstarter certainly isn't going to turn down all that sweet, sweet platform fee money. I sure wouldn't! Would you?

Anyway, I know there are a few people that followed the blog, so I wanted to make sure this was one of the first things I posted so that you all know it's something that I plan to keep doing. I might even do some "Throwback Thursday" type of posts for those Projects that really stood out to me or a project where the Reward ended up becoming a daily-use item for me. There are quite a few! Hmmm... Maybe "ThinkBacker Thursday." What do you think? Let me know if you'd be interested in that kind of content in the comments below! What's that? Yes, you need to be subscribed in order to be able to comment. Why haven't you subscribed, yet?

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